A Dream *forgive the Title *

im bad a makeing titles . im sorry if it sounds corny .  :) its kinda like a dream to me to love someone uncoditionally and get love and the same way . i'm sure i could love someone unconditionally but i know i would never be myself when im that way .

when you love someone unconditionally are you suppose to give yourself all to that person ?

when and if i do i would want someone to give all of theirself to me the good and the bad . but i get this fear ... i feeling that i wouldn't really give all myself to anyone ...never .

im sure of it i always think if i do i would lose that person because i can only give have myself only a piece .

and its a tiny piece .

4evergemini 4evergemini
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2 Responses Aug 21, 2009

You can only get true unconditional love constantly from your dog in the physical world.

in a way i understand