I Will Die With Out U

if I get you, my love, I’ll leave thisworld for you

and when Wii get you, I’ll break free from all the bindings of this world

I will neither see nor enjoy a beautiful sight, if you won’t be there with me

and I won’t take a second look at the things which you don’t like

and I’ll break the mirror which won’t have your reflection in it


I’ll stay in your heart and make home in it too

and I’ll adorn your dreams like jewellery on my soul

and I swear by your name, I’ll even change our destiny, if the need be

I’ll make you a part of my body and mind in a way that

that your essence will become the fragrance of my body

and I’ll bind this relation such that even God won’t be able to break us apart

kagome30 kagome30
18-21, F
Feb 10, 2010