My Poem On Love I Hope U Like It Cauz I Really Wrote This With So Much Desire And Love

u r the one , u r the one, how can i live without u
come here, come here, now dont hurt me like this
my life my life come and just get into my breathes
oh moon oh moon com at the ground of heart
if u r in love com and meet me
otherwise do one thing , just vanish me from this earth
see the maddness of my breathes
they are restless
they told me that on ur roads i shud spread my eyes
i will kill myself with the help of this high mountains if u dont come
if u break my wish there i will leave this world here
life n death, i hav given in ur hands
i hav broken every relation for u my love
oh life let me vanish in u
oh heart let me settle in u
if u call me 100 times i will com for 100 times after giving heart once
if one eye is crying how come the other sleep can u xplain?
how much are the rocks in the road of love i hav crossed them all
i m an river of love and for meeting the ocean i hav came here
my love now my tears are also feeling like they r sweet
moment by the time is passing on just telll the time to stop
i want to spend the entire life wit u my love

kagome30 kagome30
18-21, F
Feb 10, 2010