I Was and Now I'm Not. But I've Promised My Life to Him

I would like to say that it happened over days....seconds even. But that is not true. It's been happening for months.  Several months.....

At first I pushed the feeling aside thinking it was pregnancy hormones. Well, Pregnancy has come and gone....Still there is no love for him to be found.

The love that is in our home is the love I have for my children...and the love they have for their father. I could never tear this family apart. Just to satisfy my own wants.

and so I stay and continue to wish that I can fall in love with him again. I married him. I used to Love him. I need that love to come back. For the families sake.


Makeitup2me Makeitup2me
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2 Responses Aug 14, 2007

No Post-Partum other than my marriage very happy with life. No depression at all....I don't want to MAKE my self Love him. I just want to be "IN" love with him again. I do care for him. I love him and still want the best to happen for him. I'm just not in Love the way I was.....

Can you *make* yourself love someone? Is that even possible? I imagine the harder you try, the further away from it you get. I am the very opposite of an expert in the area, mind you.<br />
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A question though... is it that you are no longer *in* love with him or that you no longer care about him?<br />
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And do you have any signs of post-partum depression at all?