What Is Love Like You've Never Been Hurt?

A fairytale!!!!!!  There's no such thing.  Love isn't only of dreams we've been brainwashed to believe.

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3 Responses Mar 1, 2009

Love in fairy-tails is the same love as in real life. Only not every guy is a prince and the One isn't always in front of you screaming "I Love You!". Love in the real life is more intact and fun when you experience it. It's more of a rolercoster than the usual 'happily ever after' malarkey and has more of an effect on your life than the usual book or movie. The person changes you and creates an impact, and new you. It really is quite amazing, and leaves you that little bit empty and with a feeling that 'nothing interesting is going on in your life', so don't despise the only thing that gets your world to spin faster :-)

yeah, the love thing is overrated if u ask me. the best thing i ever did was imagine love as a robotic experience. as a game, where each person involved was reading a script. then i could play a role and not become emotionally involved. man did that help. now the other person in a given situation keeps interested and wants to know everything about me, pays attention to me. i seem to the "person who loves least and so i can control the relationship". a little harsh maybe but it keeps things exciting.

Yes, the fairytale type of love does not exist. That is why it is fairytale....but Love in the real world does exist. You just have to stop looking for the knight in shining armour, or prince charming.