Love Anew

To those with Kids,why are you sad is it not enough that your have healthy beautiful children that are healthy and well and not doing at all that bad as for me i am a Father and I have had a beautiful healthy baby boy on December 18 whom despite his parents flaws was born perfect and is healthy so far with two bi-polar parents has escaped from two addicts and single-handedly checked their addiction with his essence turned an addict mother into a caring sober mother and despite my attempts to reject her love has failed she has won my heart with how she treats my little life essence and on top of that she showers me with presents that show care and thought that makes it impossible to hate myself despite my self conquering thought techniques i was forced to surrender to her love but I will not abandon God for he is my only friend but this women has handed me the key to know Jesus and points me in the direction of God every time i stray and lose my fathers sight she points to the direction that makes me see his light i am affaid of this love because i can not make her stop loving me nor do i want her to but i do not fully love me so i can not except all she has to give because it combats my self hate for all that i did to me in the past that she says is not my fault but to me it is
Seventhirty457 Seventhirty457
31-35, M
Jan 11, 2013