The Kind of Love Where the World Disappears

What I want is the kind of love that transcends the normal, the everyday; the kind that is surreal and resplendent.  But reality gets in the way and prevents such a thing for me;  It always keeps coming back to what IS, not what I desire to BE.
trixi trixi
41-45, F
3 Responses Jan 10, 2008

i really hear your words:
"keeps coming back to what IS, not what i desire to BE."

right now i'm having an extremely challenging time being with / accepting what IS in my life vs. what I'd like/love.

i don't know if you believe in this... i do a lot of *visioning*, visualizing all the details (down to the physical environ.) of the love i want.
it comforts me = keeps me a little more sane AND i sometimes believe that it creates this experience for myself. draws it to me.

It can be. Do not give up on what you feel or desire. I think all things are possible. I know in the world we are living in today, something seems just so impossible, but it can be. Make it be.

Looking beyond normalcy is rare but so is any type of person who can go above and beyond your expectations. It may not surface at first glance but it will.