♪♪ Get Caught Having Sex With My Ex-boyfriend's Mother ♪♪

That night me and my boyfriend bought two bottles of wine to celebrate our anniversary.
Then we both enjoyed wine in his room, with open wide windows and very free atmosphere.
We have lost in the atmosphere until it finally leans on the bed and began approaching each other.
then you know what happened, "we did it" and actually spent the night with a passion and love.
After making love, we were very tired and was not aware for some time due to the wine made with our love.
Around 2 pm, I moved into my boyfriend's mother's room, and it turned out, she took me for a conversation... actually his mother had checked into my boyfriend's room yet and she has found we were naked in a state of sleep... LOL!!!

♥ Julie ♥
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Cool story,Julie. Please add me as a friend.

Very interesting

Cool story

WOW! love your story, will you add me please?

mm, ur lucky to get a mother like that...otherwise she can make it in a otherway


that must be a bit awkward moment LOL... good story :)

at least she didn't catch you two having sex.

you say in your profile you are interested in 3 somes, gang bangs, swinging and you ask should you pursue these interests. does your husband share these feelings, and if he does i then would go ahead and enjoy your sexual desires. i find that having and extra person in bed with you allows a person or persons so many more ways to enjoy the pleasures of sex.

How did you feel about the fact your boyfriends mother had seen you naked?

Very cool. Add me plz

So, what did his mother said?


Well, at least it sounds as if she laughed, too. It could have been terribly embarrassing.

Risk always makes it hotter! :-)

Hi. I think that, while having sex, you got caught BY your boyfriend's mother, not WITH her. :) The title suggests bisexual activity.

Nice story. I guess she was pretty cool about it? Did she seem pissed or anything?