Ways To Know If He's Good In Bed !!!

So you think you've found the man of your dreams? He's tall, dark and handsome, frets over you, gets you flowers every now and then and is lots of fun to be with. Though most women won't admit it but as much as they love being with the 'perfect' guy they can't help but wondering if he's equally good in bed. Before taking that next step, you do want to be sure that he's the guy for you. Experts say that you don't need to keep wondering about how your man will perform between the sheets. His everyday behaviour itself will give you an indication of what he's like.

Phone addict - Is your man constantly on his cell phone? While it's great that he's quick on the phone, if he's spending more time with his gadgets than with you, it can't be a good sign. Occasional texting and updating of social networking sites is all right, but if your man is always on his phone, it means he has less of a connection to you. This is a sure-fire sign that he's going to be easily distracted in bed and the sex will be less satisfying.

Grooming fanatic - All women love their man to be well-groomed. Soft hair, a stubble that's in control and clean short nails all go a long way in making him all that more desirable. But if your man has taken the metrosexual fad a bit too far and uses more hair gel, cream, body products or cosmetics than you do, then you're dating Mr Vain. And his obsession will extend right till the bedroom. A man who is overly conscious about his looks, will be self-absorbed sexually. You can bet that he'll only be thinking of his wants rather than yours.

Food matters - Dinner or meal-time with your lover should be fun with both of you sharing your dishes. However, if you notice your man refuses to share his appetiser and thinks you should've ordered your own plate of fries, he may be ungiving in other ways too. Men who refuse to share are more likely to be stubborn in bed. You'd want to think twice before continuing dating him.

Dating a miser - Yes, all of us have different views when it comes to our money and how we want to spend it. If your significant other is the type who hardly ever tips at a restaurant or doesn't believe in ever picking up the tab, don't expect much at home. Someone who is stingy outside, will be equally stingy in bed. So don't expect him to shower you with kisses and more. Also if he's a careless spender, he may be someone who's irresponsible in the sack. So watch out!
Not fond of PDA - While everyone may not be comfortable with public displays of affection, holding hands and putting your arm around the other person's waist never hurt anyone. Men who get easily embarrassed or stiff when their girlfriend's show some affection, may have some serious issues when it comes to sex. It could be an indication that he is not very comfortable with his body or yours and may have trouble connecting physically. You can bet he won't be a very sensual lover.
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Hmmmm... plagiarism?

Wow.. this is insightful.. now if only I can make it work to my advantage! :-)

Check, check, check-check. None of those negative desc<x>riptions sound like my man. He rarely talks on his cellphone, he's clean without being fussy (and a bit of well-kept facial hair), we share food pretty unconsciously, but not so that it nauseates people around us, and as far as money, we recently went on a trip to Mexico. Some of the things we had looked at doing before we went there were NOT cheap, yet he said "let's do it," and often chose the more expensive versions/options, as they were the best version of experience; he NEVER hesitated or complained about the money, and he is by no means well-off. NOW...if I can just figure out a way to get him to relax enough to see that I AM the person for him and we SHOULD get engaged!


Let me add if a man brags about his sexual conquest or prowess probably not good. If a man talks about sex all the time he is all talk no action coming his way.If he has never had a female friend whom he hasn't had sex with he probably is not good husband material.If he has a story about every sexual partner remember you will one day be a story or punchline at a party.If he never knows what to buy you for a gift and always needs a list or suggestion he is not really interested or listening to you enough to get to know you.Pay attention to how he treats servers or staff hired to do a service for him if he is condescending and rude on a regular basis that is who he is.

That is an excellent post and I think is likely very accurate.<br />
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I also give my daughters the advice to never date a guy who cannot cook.<br />
<br />
If at all possible look at his car especially the trunk.<br />
<br />
I also recommend a woman like a man. Marriage is more business than love. Love often comes and goes but often people who LOVE each other and rush into marriage and when the love cools they find someone next to them they not only don't love but don't like.

My pleasure to please you.... lol xoxo

Thanks sweetie mahal... LOL xoxo