No Holds Barred

How much time have I wasted in not having a woman that has wanted a man to tell her deepest fantasy to. I would take her to a place where time does not exsist. She would play and live out every fantasy position. I would make love to her so fine. With gental and burning passion, taking her breath away. She would be drunk with sheer extasy.I would be lost in her body and passion. Making her feel so proud of her beautiful body, and she making me proud of mine. Kissing wildly, knowing I can't get enough of her tongue and the rest of her.  Well people, I kinda got carried away in my own dream. Who knows, maybe that day will come. Peace
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2 Responses Dec 23, 2011

Hello my friend - please add me and read my stories and confessions. There are kindred spirits out there for you you just have to find them and allow them in.

Wowser! ;)