Falling Into The Abyss Of Passion

Who hasn't watched a classic or modern love story only to pine away for the love shown on the silver screen?  Or read a romance novel and wanted to put one's self in the place of the heroine?  I often wonder if these novels and usually subsequent movies, plant unobtainable levels of passion and love into our minds, only to lessen and cheapen those relationships we have in real life.  If we didn't have a standard of comparison, would our own love lives seem as lacking?  Would the real life gestures of love and devotion seem more romantic?  I think that living in the Western civilization we are so overwhelmed with the commercialization of  every aspect of our lives that we tend to forget that the Hollywood ideal is based on fiction.  Fiction is written to glamorize the unobtainable for the purpose of entertainment and fancy.  It's purpose is to take us to a place of fantasy for an hour or two to escape.  But within that escape we begin a game of un winnable comparison.  What man has not come home to a woman throwing the "Why can't you be more like ______?"  Insert any name you like from any romantic comedy, drama, etc.  It could be that she just read Twilight and is pining for the intense teenage love (infatuation) of Edward and Bella.  It could be that she was reading Jame Austen and is wishing for her own version of Mr. Darcy.  The characters don't matter.  It's the same situation no matter the characters. 

Knowing all of this does nothing to dampen the fact that I too pine for that intense level of intimacy.  I wonder if it is even attainable in real life.
ForgottenSunshine ForgottenSunshine
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1 Response Dec 31, 2011

i feel like i used to experience love on a very intense level when i was younger, but i wonder if it was just a fantasy i created in my head ba<x>sed on all the novels I read. When I liked someone and someone like me back, it felt like being rescued. When i see love portrayed in the media i can't help thinking that i need to look like the characters in order to experience it on that level. like true love is only for really beautiful people.

I understand what you mean. You only ever see the "beautiful people" in love on tv.