I Want To Love Passionately And To Be Loved Passionately.

I want to love, but not in a ordinary way, I want to be loved spiritually,energeticly,compassionately, and passionately and I would like the same in return. I'am tired of being short changed for my love. When I know how to love whole hearted. Where are the real men at? The real men that's not afraid to love Passionately? And that's not afraid to be loved Passionately.....
laylamuhummad laylamuhummad
26-30, F
3 Responses Feb 24, 2012

What real men? Most of them are pansies but only because we as women have not expected them to act better. Plus too many woman don't know how to act like women. Bottom line the ones like us get over looked because there are too many pansy men and trashy women so we get over looked just like the great men out there.

Unfortunately true. But we have to hold steadfast to our morals and standards, and trust that someday we'll find what our souls long for.

I freaking love this I hope u find the right guy