Caught Naked .... An Exciting And Funny Memory

This was again when I was younger... apparently that is when the exciting stuff happened LOL.

I went away to a private school for my last 2 years of high school. After graduating, I came back to my home town and visited my prior school friends. It turned out, I got really close to a girl I was in french class with. She was always with a group of girls I always thought were very proper.. and so I always treated her as such.

We decided to go out on a date to a movie. She drove her parents car to my house to pick me up. I heard the doorbell, opened the door.. and there she was... wearing a beautiful light summer dress. We were still a little early for the movie, but decided to be on our way anyway. As we drove along, she asked me to drive into where there was previously an outside ice rink.. just high grass in a field now, no rink. As she got closer to me in the front seat and I felt her body and that dress... there were no lines, no bumps, no ridges... She asked be to get in back... it was a station wagon.. When she crawled back ... she slowly raised her arms to remove the dress... OMG.. it was bare smooth curves.. no panties.. no bra... When she came to my house, she had nothing but a thin film of light summer dress flowing in the wind.. air and summer breeze flowing around her thighs, puffing out the dress, teasing her skin....

We were passionately enjoying each other... the taste of our lips, the feel of our unprotected naked skin in the open and brushing against each other... her body was beautiful.. long dark blond hair that flowed over her shoulders, over her breasts, down to the mid of her back... Her openness, confidence and aggressiveness was such a turn on..

Then all of a sudden the sky lit up with bright lights... all around the field and the car.. it was blinding.. Both of us shocked.. I look out the car windows side to side, then out the back... Through the intense light I sort of make out the outline of a truck... someone with a pick up truck with a row of those huge KC spotlights across the top of the cab was lighting up the whole field and the lights were aimed right at us...

Out of instinct, I dove over the back seat into the driver seat and started the car ... I started driving off hoping they had had their fun.. but no.. they continued to follow... meanwhile, my date is still completely bare in the back... laughing and giggling... mostly because I am driving completely naked... I even started laughing... I drive the car down by the beach area where all the tourists are... through a few side roads... eventually the truck let us be...

If I recall, we stopped, got dressed, and then it was time for the move... although it seemed were were just in our own movie... One of several memorable events with this girl.. all of a similar nature..
imwaiting41 imwaiting41
51-55, M
Sep 12, 2012