Forever Man

Basking in the sun on a worn picnic table next to a lovely ravine at work, I thought of you today. I closed my eyes and saw a red-pink colour...Dressed in a white warm sweater coat, I was toasty warm.
I thought of the tender words of love you delivered so naturally from so many miles away that I could not even guess the miles they flew across to touch me. Words of cherishment and admiration and passion. Your words are strange at times and they taste differently, yet are exciting, and sincere, and amazing. And I consider the possiblities not "between" us because there is nothing standing that way-no separation-just time and distance. And really they are nothing at all to those who care. I consider the "among" us. And each day and each night, I am amazed and delighted by your beauty, by your magnificence, your charm, and your confidence. And a feeling of peace washes over me filling me with quiet joy, a growing excitement, and awe. My heart listens. My mind wonders. Is this a real Forever man? I contemplate and I smile a quiet smile. Time will tell the truth.

(A un hombre apasionado cuyas palabras cantin tan dulcemente me acerca
de suamor.)
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2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Be free in your heart, but never rush into things that may break it. Sometimes, things are meant to be and sometimes the timing and placement are not right. One must not wait and lay all their cards on the table for what may never be. For one may lose time waiting and pass up the chance at someone else that will fulfill all your dreams. :D

I mean it C, because I care. Waiting may cause you to not notice the true ForeverMan.

--------Sigue a tu corazón

Follow your heart, but listen to your mind...