Love In The Kitchen

* I have to preempt this with a statement. Hope you are sitting down. Cause this one will shock you. Many have said how much they desire me to write more erotica. I have so little reference for them. So here is a little something for you I am dashing off spontaneously before I leave for work. I have 10 minutes so let's see if this can satisfy you. Enjoy! *
I rush home from work. I know you are waiting for me. Hot and cool. In the kitchen you told me earlier. I am desiring you in the kitchen. Christ! So mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
I crash through the door. No sign of you. Ah, in the kitchen you said! That's right! I am so eager that I forgot! I want you so badly...Like I always do...
Ahhhhhhhhhhh....There you are, baby! Sitting on the kitchen counter. I can see how hot you are! God! I want you so badly I ache! Know what I mean? I have been waiting all day for you and what only you can give me! Hot, juicy...Perhaps this should go into the mature section of EP...No, no time now. Let's just finish this! Right, baby?
You beckon me closer, closer. You are shining. Ummmmmmmmmmm.....
You know my desire to be with you is obvious. Anyone could tell...The way we look at each other...God! I want you sooooooooooooo much!
I wanna touch you and linger over you. Taste your sweetness. Feel your easy heat....And I know you want me to use you...It is what you live for...You and I have this hot relationship. Have from the moment I saw you in that store at the mall. I knew instantly that you were made for me. I could make you do anything I wanted and for hours and hours at a time! I am lost in my thoughts of you now as I recall those hours day and night we have spent together.
Enough already! Come here! You are mine! And I am having a big portion of you NOW! So without any more foreplay, I just have to say with delight and lust and desire

You are the best crockpot I have ever known!
(Ha! Love it! Gotcha! Didn't I? Christ! I AM good!
Real erotica here soon. Thank you. Need to find
your mate now? *smiling wickedly* Bye!)
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6 Responses Oct 13, 2012

Clever girl, everyone has a raised heart beat now, and you will just grin....did you forget to mention whipping it's smart black cord, wrapping about it's round bottom? You are so wicked!

Ha ha. I love this. Well done :-)

Good one, you had me

Best example on how erotism and humour blend.
It may make also soooooo good breakfasts for two.
Do you know my kitchen?
May I try to tempt you to have a look of it?

Have an all time pass

Walking to do it!


LOL...I love it. Funniest thing..........I just bought a slow cooker yesterday. Looking forward to using it this week to make my dinners in the morning so I won't have to cook after working all day.

I'm looking forward to my love in the kitchen.