I'll Continue To Wait

At this point in my life I had it figured that I would be in a loving relationship, full of passion. Yet I ended up with one that has none.

It's true that every woman wants the fairy tale. A man who's strong, supportive, loves you for who and what you are, tells you you're beautiful and can't keep his hands off of you, who claims you and defends you. Yet most of us end up settling for less because we don't want to end up alone/a crazy cat lady. But no matter what we still crave the passion. A man who kisses us for no apparent reason, who holds our hand while he's driving or while we're walking down the street simply because he craves to be in contact with his woman. I always wanted a partner who would laugh at my jokes, understand my sarcasm, run his fingers up and down my back at night so I could fall asleep and who's arms I would wake up in each morning. Someone who would take charge of things, who was decisive, and who would hold me when I was confused or sad. Every time I reflect on these things I realize how many things I gave up by settling for what I have.

I have someone who thinks I'm rudely sarcastic, thinks I'm stupid not funny when I make jokes, barely touches me ever, finds it "relaxing" to gamble away thousands of dollars a year, gets drunk every day when he comes home from work, doesn't take pride in himself enough to even brush his teeth or shower daily, shaves every few months, who can't produce children, and who I have next to no common interests with other than cooking and television. Thinking about it makes my head spin. All I wanted was someone who was passionately in love with me and who I was equally passionate about being with...
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that sucks

I swear to you, everything that you decribed was how I treated My ex. and I am truly all about passion. I ADORED my girl and I had no problem making my feelings known, being faithful for 10 years and making SURE that she felt loved, protected and special cuz I really BELIEVED & I felt it. Unfortunately, she has attachment disorder and is narcissistic and betrayed and discarded me out of the blue. I too love passion.. like ******* together, all day ******* marathons, dirty talk, being eye to eye.... yum. I find it a truly cruel joke that someone like you is sitting somewhere being unfulfilled and lonely with a passionless man while I sit here praying to someday meet a woman just as you are. yOU ARE OPEN, CHARMING, SEXY, PRETTY, HONEST and taken.

Find a Dom or Daddy Dom with strong supportive ethics. There are a lot of D/s men out there that are just your type.

Be careful though looks of fakes.

you truly deserve better!!! if i was close i would give you a great big hug =)

Damn I'm really hearing you. I do all those things for her, which she certainly loves, but then my wandering eye scares her into insecurity and anger so she is cold to me the rest of the time. It makes everything feel like a waste. I haven't cheated but, like you, wonder if I should've moved on a while ago. I love her without a doubt but don't believe I can remain deaf and blind to every other woman until I'm dead and gone, buried with regrets.

You are too young to not get what you need from a relationship. I admire your desire to stay together as you believe this was destined. It's not. He's not living up to the bare minimum expectations of this marriage. Talk to him, seduce him, make yourself into the sexiest thing this side of the Mississippi, encourage and train him to be the man you need. If not, get a job and move on with life. As sad as making the break might be, you can be happier.

You are still young and can find a man, maybe an older one, that is what you want and need.

"Barely touches me ever" that's the part I can't understand. He's missing out.

I'd be strong and supportive. My only kink is 3somes both ways.

When I started reading your story, I'd assumed you were my age or older, but when I reached the end, I thought, 'Hell, leave then!'...an no kids?! Hit the road girl! You have so much life and youth left. There's no reason to settle.

I would love to **** you.

You need to end it. There are plenty of guys who would ****** you up without a moment's hesitation.

I am reading your story shaking my head. At such a young age you should not have to endure this. I nodded in agreement with much that you said, I long for holding hands, really talking and yes, someone to caress me at the end of the day. Love might still be there but passion flew out the window a long time ago. I need it. I deserve it... as do you x

I believe that most people want a similar relationship to which you describe. You are young, just be patient.

All the best to you.

I have been married 4 times now, looking for that one! Thought i found her this time. But she has become an evil step mom and a *****. And has gottn grossly fat. It is hard for me to get it up anymore due to her being that way. Getting to the point where i would rather jack off that have sex.