By You

I fantasize daily about you and all your glory. Clutching my body ever tightly against your godly flesh. My curves were made for you as you were crafted especially for me. I feel you deep inside in places where the sun hasn't kissed. So much passion and fire between us we could set the world ablaze.

From the second I saw you I knew you were my parallel entity; From the depths of my soul to my outer glow, I swear it.
There is no one else that can fulfill my dark desires the way you do...and I will love you passionately for the rest of my days.
xSweedreamsx xSweedreamsx
31-35, F
1 Response Nov 23, 2013

well done my dear

Thank you

was a pleasure to read. obviously, some one has touched someplace no one else has ever before ;)

You are right darling. And the wicked torcher of it all... Is; I am yet to physically encounter this being. Our only interaction is through text and imagination. But the fantasies are out of this world. And one sweet day... I will be a walking testament of 'loves found passion.'

I pray your right and wish it all upon you.

Thank you, very much for your kindness.

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