If you have ever tasted passion, you will not settle till you feel it again. Especially after being deprived.
I want to be loved with a passion again. To have someone kiss my soul not only my lips, touch my heart not only my skin. What I would do to feel that energy again.
Someone once said :"describing passion to someone who never felt it is like describing light to the blind. "
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when the two come together ...thats what its all about.

I feel that and my currant marriage is ok but something in the sex-passion-love connection and it's hurting me. It's making me crazy. I try to talk it out but my invitations are left unanswered!

Aha. Nice post. Have you liked I am a Day Dreamer category too? I did, because everyday for last 12yrs i feel and think about exactly same thing you talked about. So far i couldn't find anyone who can make me feel that. I hope you find someone. Thanks for describing it too well.

Great post!

Thank you