I just want passion and love. A woman to hold. Someone to accept me as I am. And love me for what I am. Maybe I dream to much or somewhere in the past 10 years I've stepped back to thinking as a child that it's out there. But at this point I just want to try. I'm so tired of the games people play. The false personas and the quest for perfection. I'm not perfect and I'm not seeking someone who is. I'm just seeking someone that talks no ****. Knows that love is compromise and a willingness to make someone smile and not in the least bit a fairy tale but when two people want it it can be amazing. I'm flawed in many ways and just as insecure as the next person but I'm willing to admit it and take a chance. Take one with me and have a no holds bar conversation With me that may or may not last the rest of our lives.
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All you can do it be yourself, your true self and things will fall into place for you

"What we desire that is aligned with spirit is already on its way.......... "Dr Dyer

You tell it! It takes two!! Life is a game if choices we don't always get right! But if you skip forward good things come🐸🐸🐸🐸

People need to get out of the fairy tail world and into reality. I think too many look for perfection or what others might think. Just live people. I hope you find it and thanks for sharing.

i know exactly what u mean. ive been seeking that for a long time. sadly im to the point im starting to believe it doesnt exist.