If there is one thing in my life I have not fully experienced, but long for in the deepest fibers of my heart, it is to love with passion and be loved the same in return. I have come close to feeling very deeply for someone, that suddenly became extremely hurtful and heart wrenching, and although I had to stop my feelings and heart, I long for that still. I want to be fully open with someone, to thwart any feeling of insecurity or vulnerability I carry, and be completely filled with love and passion so ripe and pouring over, that I ache with sensual rapture. To laugh so hard and full and know each other so intrinsically, like you can't imagine life ever being without them. The feeling of a warm kiss all over my body, a special, deep connection, hands and arms that envelop me; lustful, tender, real. To immerse my heart and soul within another, to trust, to have him trust me with all his being, holding him, a pure moment that calls to me everyday.
Soft caresses like an exotic breeze, touching skin, my lips on his with sweet abandon, intoxicating feelings as my hands and mouth warm each inch if his body; his scent that I hunger for. Whispering to me playfully, lovingly, magically...that we are safe together; what I'd give.
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Great post, thank you for sharing!

Thank you for reading :)

the man who finds you ll be so lucky n fortunate to have like a pretty girl like you...

Wow, that was really quite a wonderful compliment.. :) Thank you J, and thank you for your comment.

ma pleasure mam...would like to get your concern on ma inbox tooooo....

what you just described here is love in its purest form in this journey .... i wish every single body could experience what you just finished describing : )

You are a very beautiful lady inside and out and I'm am certain one day you'll find that. And might I say the man that finds you will be very lucky.

If I could knight you a Sir, I would Sir :) That was so kind of you.. Thank you for uplifting me today.

I feel it's so hard to find true love these days because of the evolution of society's standards for sexual content, dressing suggestively, lustful and rauchy music, ect. My point is we teens grow up alrdy knowing what sex is through the demonstrations of: what we see on films/tv, what guys see young girls where, and what we hear on rap stations. Through these instances, it seems, we teens can easily be skewed away from the meaning of true love to the meaning of lust. I'm a true romantic and see it for what it is, but ironically, I can't find this so called love either. Now don't get me wrong, you peeps feel free to flaunt your naughtiness in the bedroom. It's good to experience and try new things, but I just want to do this in private with my true lover. I don't want my lover to go around in skimpy outfits seeming like she's fishing for action. The sex/love world these days is sooooo complicated and confusing. Do young teen girls want love, or do they just want us guys to lust over them, fornicate with, and in turn, make them feel pretty? I simply don't get this love/sex game!

OH man, i do NOT want men to just lust over me or fornicate only with.. I wish to feel a REAL , deep love, where those things can also come into play, but with a deep bond in place too.. I agree, we all seem to be missing what real LOVE is- seems all society is , is lust. :( I ty so much for your comment, C.. and we will find it :)

I'm so glad you truly understood what my point was! I'm sry if I may have stirred you up with my comment, there was definitely some emotion behind its grotesque meaning. And, you're right, we will find it :)

That's amazing! What an awesome feeling that would be! Very cool expression here... I hope you get all of this and more! :)

Thank you Blue , truly... that means a lot:)

I agree Joy ! i had that once yrs ago. its so addictive, like a drug. every time after that, you try, its not the same, i know, keep the faith babe! hugs

Ty P.. appreciate your response ... have a nice one :)

I think that's what everyone wants but they settle for whatever is in front of them so they don't have to be alone. It will be worth the wait. You obviously know what you want and you will have that someday. It will be worth the wait!!

Just saw this.. ty so much Cargirl... I think I finally know what I want, and I hope one day I will find real love and joy ... I just want to feel I deserve it.. I have often felt I do not ... ty so much for this comment :)

So you have had this, it just reached it's tragic end. Me too. And you want it again (not back). I wonder frequently if it can be had again or it was a once in a lifetime thing. You sound fairly optimistic :)

I have almost had it, but the person would not wait for me, I half get it, but it is beyond painful. I hope to have a love one day that is True, with tenderness and deep connection. I am remaining optimistic, but some days, it feels like my heart is barren. I wish you a wonderful love in your life, and I'm sure you will find that person S.. ty for your response.

Oh... I can totally relate! Especially when you wrote "and be loved the same in return"... I crave that!

YES..sometimes it seems like it is too far out of reach, and other days I feel I will find/attain it.. ty so much for your response, M.

You find this hun. I'm in the same boat. I know she 's out there waiting for me. Your guy is out there waiting for you.

Aw, thanks F...I want it to be based in real love and laughter, not just to 'have' someone.. I thank you for your warm comment :)

There are still true romantics out there. Don't give up hope!