All I want, is to mean something to someone.
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I can relate. :/ I feel this same way all the time. Maybe, someday, it'll happen. I'm sure you'll find someone. :)

Thank you :) I'm hopeful for you as well! All we can really do is live our life day by day and maybe one day it will land at our doorstep. Until then all we can do is be happy with ourselves and be hopeful for the future! That's what I try to do.

That's what I'll try to do as well. :) It might suck in the moment, but there's always the future, even if its hard to see. We'll keep ourselves held together until that day comes. :)

You do mean something to someone.
I care about how you feel and thus you must mean something to me and last I checked I am someone even though that may be debatable at times.

Same here

See my post applies to you as well. ;)
I don't care who you are or what you have or have not done. You are someone and I care about people. It is just who I am.

Thank you

Then use this time to build up your self worth and self love.
Why,...... then when we get hurt, then it wont take you down for long. When you stand strong in you, then you wont come across as needy.
Other are great to share life with, but at the end of the day, how you are with you, that counts for a lot.
Then get into hobbies that you enjoy and that you can share with.
Their is the concept of love - that is very different to what is real. Most love their concept and not who the person is they are with,
Quote for you:
A partner will bring up all your patterns.
Don’t avoid relationships:
They are the best seminar in town.
The truth is that your partner is your guru.
By Sondra Ray