I want the kind of love where it is a feat to keep hands off my lovers body in public. I want to eyef**k and be eyef**ked in public in such a way that me and my lover would make sweet , mad love later. I want to sneak in as much kisses and touches as we can in life. I want us to melt into each other as we lay listening to the rhythm of our pulsating hearts and bodies. I want to lay with my breasts on his neck and feel his voice vibrate through my body. I want to have late night tete a tete under the blankets about our dreams, hopes, aspirations, and feelings and we will love it all away later. I want every parting to be of great sorrow. I want it!
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5 Responses Dec 3, 2014

And you WILL get it!

It can be found, but it sometimes comes from surprising places, it is about being open to the unexpected....i call it taking a chance on life's back doors

Strange as it might seem, this time i did not mean it to have a double meaning.....but who knows

Never hold back the perversion with me, the risk of explosion is far too great (and i love it too much)

oh no, i could never resist innocent eyelash flutters so i must kiss your neck, lick around your ears, let my hand drop innocently to your breasts and gently squeeze your hardening nipples

it's not something you find. you find the person worthy and willing to build it with.

I've found that. At least I think I have. We've been seeing each other for about a month now. It's a sweet life. I hope you find it.

It's always like that early on.

I know. That's what worries me.

Good luck!