I just want somebody to give all of my love to, even for just a night. I want to kiss, hug, cuddle. I want to be wrapped in somebody's arm. I know I posted something similar to this already, but I just want love. Or even in the spite of the night, lust. Even if we wake up the next morning, hating each other, or not even knowing each other's names. I just want the touch of a man's heart, or at least a man's thumb. To explore the depths of a man's mind, body, and the high, the soberity, of his soul.
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Possibly hard to believe right now, but your day will come. You don't want to hear this saying from an older lady, but you're young, and I know you want that experience now, but it will come!!
Remembering laying in bed many nights at your age, squeezing my pillow, I used to daydream about my love. Many years and loves later, I'd tell my younger self to be patient & highly selective about who you decide to sleep with. Most of all, have fun & be true to your heart.:)

Beautiful it's all we all want & deserve.

I know that feeling sucks. But we just have to waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiit. D:

It is the best feeling for sure

Not if you have no one to give it to or receive it from