Oh Shït!!!
It's my primal response when a woman really catches my attention. She may not be the one in the room turning the most heads. Most of the time she probably has body issues. I can't even say she is the perfect woman but she ignites a fire within me. She is just the right combination to trigger my animalian instincts.
Every ounce of testosterone boils in my blood. Every pleasure receptor becomes animate and distinct. A deep hunger overtakes me. She draws my focus so sharply I have to stop and shake her out of my head before I can resume what I was doing.
Oh Shït
I love knowing when I've had that effect on a woman though women are often more discrete. Sometimes too discrete. It takes a skilled eye. An eye a man won't develop without considerable time with women. Yet he won't be able to spend much time with women because he can't read the clues.
If there is a non-threatening way to let her know, I do. She doesn't have to be attracted to me for my advance to put a warm glow in her heart. I'm satisfied with pleasing her for the moment. I can't help my inability to take action any more than I can my lust.
I'm married.
I'm a good father.
I'm a "good" guy.
The moral I want you to take from this is no matter what you feel about yourself, someone, somewhere is going.
Oh Shït
Make yourself open to approach. You may be surprised.
And if someone makes you bubble, let them know even if there is nothing that can be done. It may be a life changer for them.
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I think it's so intense for you because you're married. Lol!

Sad because it's true

Very nice :)

Oh Shït

I like this. ;-)

Glad you did, dear smartkat. And I'm letting you know....
Oh shït!!!


See? Your day is brightened. My job here is done.