All I want is for someone to really, truly love and care about me. I thought I had somebody like that. I want to be someone's top priority for once. I hate feeling like I'm in competition for attention. Just love me and respect me and treat me the way you want your daughter or mom to be treated. Why is that so much to ask? When I fall in love, I fall so hard. I need to be cherished, loved, respected, adored, and trusted. I know how it feels to be hurt, so I would definitely never do anything to put a relationship at risk. Lately I've been wanting to give up. There's too much. THIS IS NOT AN INVITATION TO MESSAGE ME AND TRY ANYTHING. IM VENTING.
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Maybe you should give a chance to a shy guy who would think a hot girl like you is out of his league. Not a loser just shy. I bet he would treat you the way you want.

"Venting" is healthy!

Them feels 😢

I hear you :) try to get info on a person first before puting your feeling into it. Be patient for love,being impatient you get the worst. I know you want intimate love respect fairness etc but go with your instincts and not how the guy looks or whatever. I made alot of mistakes and i hope you see i am sincere :)

Ya I been there being hurt is the worst but all you gotta do is find the right guy and make him work for all your love. If he doesn't work for it just say "peace!"Your not worth my time." That type of love is out there you just gotta go find it

Not sure something like that is possible in the modern world,though

Which is sad

Bullshit, it's so possible.