I really miss having someone special in my life, I've never felt love from someone that wasn't my family or friends. I want to be kissed and held and made love to. Just all that lovey dovey stuff... Passionate sex and love! I'm trying to believe in it, I really am.
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8 Responses Jun 17, 2015

You have lots of time, don't rush it.

I wish that too. Good luck I wish you to find what ur looking for❤️

Oh, you'll get there, eventually I'm sure. Just don't forget that every moment of intimacy and bliss is paid for with one of heartache and loss.

Keep your heart open. It's out there for you, perhaps many times over and most likely when you least expect it from one you least expect it from. Passion and chemistry defy logic, time & space. I've been blessed a few times along the road. Some souls seem to mate for life. My life has been more about intense passion that lasts a few months or a few years, but forever hasn't been in the cards. I'm ok with that. It's added layers to me and my story. Just trust that your story has yet to unfold. Keep believing.

only with guys ?? is there a chance for a girl seana ?

Hey, for some reason I am unable to add you or message you. So I would appreciate it if you message me. let's chat up.

Nice smile.Gorgeous girl like you.wow.......wish i was younger i would lift you right off your feet.

i know the feeling.