I need to learn now to give you up. The image of you. The idea of you. I know now it will never be. So to hold on to this faint notion of attraction is to hope for more sun in the day. It will never be.

You are you. I realize that. No possibilities existed.

And my mind turns to unrealistic possibilities. If I had three wishes. If I had a book of spells. If I were someone else. Would any of it make a difference. No.

That's the truth about all this. You cannot love a person who doesn't love you back. It's not impossible, but it slowly destroys you.

Your image was so strong. Your capabilities so admirable. Your gaze entrancing. Your essence so perfect. I don't believe anyone else could be so perfect. And therein lies the deception. When all you see is a glittering false hope of an unfruitful reality, you're thrown into chaos. Others can't see it as you do. And yet you malign there observations with ignorance.

But you are too blissful and ignorant.

Who knew someone could do this to you. Or do I do this to myself.

I am withering away from the thought of this. It is no more. The fleeting minutes between us exchanged no real bond. Only in my mind did I imagine such terror. More alarming, I think you unable to comprehend this.

You are the epitome of this world's bright future. I have read their faces clearly - you are laudable, important, magnetic. Yet humbleness I see as false pride. You soak it all in, as you should. It's a job well done.

I on the other hand, will wade this way and that, abandoning reason for madness. The very few left are dwindling down. I am caught between that final crossing now. Not much time is left. I have squandered it all like I knew I would have. Such a funny fate some people live. It's all disaster but for a few seconds of normalcy.

Sometimes I just wish things could be the way I wish them. But what would be a wish upon a wish, if not false reality.

Here is the time to let you go. So buried in my heart you will never know. I see everything now clear as day. Mercy I implore, I own my fate.
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this is beautiful.. everything you wrote, it just is