Hello here goes, I'm 50 years old,going through a divorce, my wife and I had nothing in common, marry in haste,repent at leasure, that's what they say and in my case it couldn't be more apt. My wife turned out to be,cruel,bullying,lazy, violent with an evil tounge in her head. After we had been separated for about 6 months I noticed a woman where I work, never married, no children,decent job, quiet spoken, intelligent, pleasant to talk to, unlike me she comes from a religious background and I knew she would have no interest in a man who was still legally married,living back at home with his mother. Once the divorce is through I'll be able to get my own place.in the early days I asked her if she would be interested in going on a date with me one day and she told me she enjoyed the single life. I still see her regularly at work, when its her birthday I take cards flowers and wine, lately she had been through an operation, I took flowers twice, I joke on with her, tell her I'm joining a gym to make myself irresistible to her,the other day I told her I should have my own place next year and I'd love her to come for her tea, she asked if I was a good cook and what would I make, I told her because she hadn't said no I would live on this for months, I feel this is a girl with strong decent morals who I might be getting through to very slowly,I hope ,it would be no good anyone saying I'm kidding myself as it wouldn't change my hope's
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Hope it all works out for you, you seem a decent man.............

I'm a patient person, I've been told by friends no one would consider me until I had my own place, secondly being married is a real no no, people are terrified of getting dragged into someone's troubles naturally. One of the responses used the name adoration,not a word I would use but a better word I could not think of for what I feel for her. So here's my plan, I'll continue to pay her compliments because I say what I see. Birthdays,Christmas I'll take presents and flowers, because I enjoy seeing her face. Soon I'll have my divorce,own house,car,I'll have something to offer, then hopefully things will be right. Can you imagine that a few years ago I always had good friends, but I lived with a woman who begged me to commit suicide to make her happy, would smash glasses on my head for the least thing,I worked 6 days a week but dreaded my one day off, the thought of spending my life with a pleasant,kind,lovely girl would be a thing way beyond my wildest dreams.

Just be careful. It is so easy when you have been deprived and a used to choose someone seemingly so nice. She may really be a nice person but maybe you need to understand the reason she did not marry. I hope she turns out to be the wonderful woman of your dreams.

Go for it, you havnt anything to loose. Pride maybe, but you'll kick yourself if you don't persue the possibility of happiness. Try not to second guess yourself or you'll stop yourself...take it from one who knows. Good luck.

You are so sweet... This is the stuff that solid relationships are built on... Best of luck!

Good luck to you. I understand the necessity of slow changes that are out of our control. It's how we spend the waiting time that matters. You sound like a gentleman. I hope this young lady sees the gem you are, and gives you the chance. Take care.

i hope it works out for you! you deserve it