I want to share love with "him", the man that God has for me, the man of my future.. I want his love to be so strong, that it scares me so, because the love is so deep, like nothing I ever felt before. He'll hold me in his arm, and I will just melt in the purity and safeness of his love.
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Me to

This is only possible through Christ .

Yes you're so right. I'm constantly praying to God for him. God is sending me him through him🙏❤️. I feel it in my spirit.

Never stop praying

I can understand. All my life I have wanted that relationship where two people fulfill in each other all that you can. To share a life passionately, to be provide that a woman wants, emotionally, physically, sensually. I found it all to briefly and have felt so empty the last few years. I want a woman I can please in every way. What more can a man ask for?

I understand so deeply..keep praying to God. Be the "Boaz" that your "proverbs 31" woman is looking for. ❤️

I fear it is too late for me

It's never too late ❤️😊

Thank you for the encouragement! Sometimes it seems so far out of reach. I don't want to spend my life watching the sands running out. I want to feel alive with someone, be the best man I can be

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