There are those who love, and there are those who are hurt by love. Their love is long and miserable, dwell on the past and forget the present. They live on the margins of mornings and nights, and only care about the far distant memories.

There are those who know love, and know how to be promiscuous with it. They justify it by lying to comprehend it's meaning. I have known the love from the olden days, increase distances and spaces, cut our relations and drive us to madness.

This love grows on you, and just eat a tiny part of you. The bigger the love, burning and suffering increase. What does it mean to love someone? What does it mean to love then die? How does it feel to have lived life without love? What is the benefit to remain hanging between water and fire? Cut the distances that increases with every step of our lives, in the hope to access that can not be achieved? But here in the horizon, we have another question.

Can any of us live without love? These selfish hands drive us to the mouth of the beast to be hurt. But our vision of paradise drives us to depth of the ocean through the cave of love, so that we don't focus on suffering or burning but embrace the warmth of love and laughter. You will be surprised and filled with love and continue to live in the shadow of the night. This mystery love will evaporate, if not evaporated by it's tissue and flesh, then the spirit of love will diminish leaving the body lifeless. An irritated and inflamed anniversary of sorrow and suffering.

The fire of love my son is not like any fire, it burns like any other without killing, doesn't leave marks on your flesh. but it knows how to distort the spirit, here lies the hidden evil.
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:) carnt message u

I have mixed feelings about love myself...

Yeah, it can lead to very divergent paths.

This resonated with me.

Awwww :) X

Tell me about the empire you wish to make
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That was beautiful Mann.. Oh god the FEELS..😁

That's some deep **** huh.

Very beautifully written indeed

Thank you

I'd love to marry you

I'm ok how are you

Sad or Happy .. I don't even know...
But either way it's great! Nice work :)

Please know that love never ever hurts, it is our own thoughts & feelings, our strengths, & weaknesses that determine what will happen to us, when we love as a fool, or as a wise soul. People often find that it was never love when they get hurt, though they blame love for their blatant mistakes in trust, & respect for themselves.

This is a sad love, undying love.

This is beautiful.

I didn't know robots can love :)

Oh you

Wow this is beautiful, I love it.

Oh you