💙 I want Logan here. To hold me. To love me. To kiss me. To tell me I will be okay and that I am wanted. To tell me I am a good daughter. I need Logan here. I need to feel the love again. The only love that he can give me. I wish he could read my mind and text me and say those words that can make me fall asleep so happy and loved. Those words that every girl dreams of hearing of. " I love you baby" out of my short and stupid pick of boyfriends I can honestly say Logan is the best. Not just because we are together but because he makes me feel wanted, makes me feel like he listens to me when I talk. He makes me feel like I am his. We may never really find the meaning of "love" but I found the meaning of happiness, feeling warm, knowing I am safe. And that feeling is when I am in his arms at night.
Dottie20 Dottie20
26-30, F
1 Response Oct 5, 2015

Really...so cute ..n so sweet ..i hope n pray that Logan will be again in ur life with happiness 😊