I always here people say whatever it is you want, give it out and it'll come back. I don't believe that.
I've loved passionately, deeply, and ferociously only to be hurt and have that love ground down into the dust until I feel... nothing.
I've lost my hope in ever being loved... so I move on, gritting my teeth, doing my job, keeping life moving...
KSprincess KSprincess
36-40, F
3 Responses Oct 27, 2015


Hello lady, it's very sad this is happening in your life.
Don't lose hope, it's just that you might have been showering your love on a wrong person.
If you have children, then they might bring you the lost love

I feel your pain... its always the same thing with me, give them 100% and they give nothing pretty much... but don't give up hope, there is someone for everyone out there but you'll never find that person if you give up looking for them