Tired of waiting

When will my love come?... When will it be my time to finally exhale?... When will it stop being just another male?...These are questions I ask myself... when I feel like I've failed.. Failed myself when I give in.. to temptation and these no good lying men time and time again... All I want is to simply be happy! A happily ever after that I can't seem to stop chasing after..."you're so young"this is true "you still have your whole life ahead of you my dear " is what I tend to hear...Is it wrong that I want a love that'll have me swinging from chandeliers? a love that I can kiss on every new years? When will I find him? Because I'm tired of waiting
DirtyDianah DirtyDianah
26-30, F
5 Responses Oct 28, 2015

add me please

I feel you, I'm like freaking Waldo when it comes to finding love 😂

Lol Im right there with you

I know this feeling all to well. We deserve to be loved as much as we love. Don't settle or give in to anything less than what we deserve

I will definitely try, harder this time

You know what you want, don't settle for anything else make sure its,the right one because otherwise you might wake-up twenty five years later and want a do over like me!

So true, I don't want it to become a pattern more than it already has

I want for the same rhing