I wana pour my heart out to him i want to make him mine forever he makes me get butterflies idc hw badly he treats me ill take it but i wish he realises hw much i love him and he wud love me da same i spoil him so much no other girl would :) he says ive treated him like **** maybe i have and i wana let him know how sorry i am but i aint been treated so great myself but idc i really dont its love that counts i hope he loves me a lot yes maybe i wana b spoilt da way i spoil him sometimes but he says i dont treat him right where have i gone wrong? Ive stayed faithful honestly he cnt gt a image outta his head but i cant either n he told me off fr having that image but when its him i do everything to get that image outta his hed i spoke to him abt it i let him let it all out 😔
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I've been in a relationship like that when I was about your age. It damaged me to the point that I'm still dealing with the way he "trained" me. I couldn't see that he was an *** because he gave me butterflies, too. I should have kicked him to the curb way sooner... --DW

I absolutely agree with CoffeeFirst: a relationship like the one you have described may be fun at first, but will scar you for life if you are being mistreated, and those scars may prevent you from fully appreciating a deserving partner in the future.

Mix in these feelings into your fantasies while being intimate, but try and keep yourself grounded before and after. You have a lot of time left to find someone both worthy of your love and attention and compatible with you as s functional partner.

But he makes me feel so loved when we dont argue his so amazing u know his cuddles give me butterflies

There are other men who will give you butterflies. I know you may not believe that. But I married one who is the best in the world; he still gives me butterflies sometimes, they are just different. :-) --DW