i have had love and i have lost love and in my short life i am even certain in every sense of my being that i did find what most people refer to as "the one" this isnt the first time we've broken up and she always comes back to me in the end but I dont know about it this time. i love her so much and she loves me, even if she didnt tell me id still know she hasnt given up hope on me but i moved away and she couldnt take it even though we agreed i should go and she broke it off saying that she felt like the ****** person. i guess what i need though is just to know where to go from here. i have tried to move on and that just didnt sit right with me. it felt wrong. wrong like i was cheating and that i had lost what i believed in and so i jusr want her back and thats that. i just don't know how to tell if that will make her happy even if she agrees to let me continue treating her like the angel i feel she is
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I would say to take this time to rediscover yourself. Maybe you both need to have time apart in order to come back together wholly and not just temporarily? It sounds like a heart breaking situation, but it seems you both need to learn more about yourselves and grow first. That may be what needs to happen. With any of this remain open minded and positive.