Discovering Passion: A Sexual Awakening

When I was 15, my mother died of cancer.  She had been a chain smoker and despite my efforts to encourage her to quit, she continued right up to the end.  In the months leading up to her death, other people stepped in to help me cope.  I was given an opportunity to become a newspaper delivery boy.  It was the first job I ever had and while the pay was modest, it gave me something to do after school on on weekends.  I had 45 customers along one side of a street that stretched for several blocks.  My customers paid by the week and I did collections on Friday and Saturday afternoons.  It was a snowy late afternoon in January as I made my collection rounds.  It was very cold and my fingers were numb.  Trying to make change was difficult.  Occasionally,  a customer would invite me to step inside and out of the cold.  That's what I thought was happening when Mrs. Stapleton invited me in.  She was always kind and was a good tipper, so when she welcomed me into her warm home to thaw out I was more than willing.  She told me to take off my coat and warm up for a while before continuing on my route.  I threw my coat across the chair and sat down.  She brought me some hot chocolate and cookies and then sat down opposite me on the couch.  

I hadn't paid much attention, but she was wearing a bath robe, which when she sat down came loose - giving me a brief glimpse of her nude body beneath the robe.  I pretended that I didn't notice, but my heart was now pounding hard enough to hear.  I quickly took out my money bag and started counting my collection.  I still needed a few dollars to make my bill; after that it was all profit.  I made about $15 per week delivering papers.  We talked small talk.  She asked me about my mother.  Mrs. Stapleton, who was a widow herself, was very sympathetic.  She said she knew what it was to lose someone you love.  As she talked, she walked over to the large overstuffed chair where I was sitting and she sat down beside me.  The sash of her robe had come loose and I could smell the flowery fragrance of her bath.  Her hair was still damp and her sensual appearance reminded me of pictures I had seen of sexy women posing in men's magazines.  I tried not to stare and forced myself to look away, but I could not hide the bulge growing in my pants.  Mrs. Stapleton asked me if I was okay and told me that it was perfectly natural for boys my age to have erections. "Its all part of growing up and becoming a man," she said.  She reminded me that I was going to have to be a man sooner than most boys because of my mother's situation.  

Mrs. Stapleton took my hand in hers, moved it inside her robe and placed it on her breast.  As I felt the softness of her flesh in my hand, she said, "You can call me Sherry and I will be here for you whenever you need a friend."  I was very confused.  Somehow this did not seem right, and at the same time it held a strange attraction.  I was fascinated by it all.  When I got up to leave, Sherry said, "Let me give you something special before you go - something to seal our friendship."  I was standing there in front of her with my penis pressing hard against my pants.  Sherry knelt before me, loosened my belt and unzipped my pants.   After lowering my trousers, she reached into my boxers and withdrew my erection.  Her hands moved slowly and caressed my genitals softly.  I had never been this hard before.  Never had I been stimulated like this.  Then she moved her mouth to my **** and licked me while fondling my balls gently in her fingers.  Her mouth opened and her lips closed around me.  Her movements were magical and the sensations she created within me were incredible.  In a moment I felt the pressure build and I was overcome by orgasmic convulsion.  A stream of white hot ********* released into her mouth.  I fell back into the chair as she continued to suck on my penis.  Then after several minutes, it was over.  I went on my way into the dark and cold of the night, but I was warm - and maybe most important, I was becoming a man.

Over the next several months as I made my customer collections, Mrs. Stapleton always invited me in.  We became very good friends.  She was the most unforgettable customer I ever had on that paper route.  When my mother died, my father sent me to Kentucky to live with a friend of the family. That ended my paper delivery and began a new set of experiences.   

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Wow, what a wonderful coming (excuse the pun!) of age tale! I can feel the excitement you must have felt from here!