"We always believe our first love is our last, and our last love our first."


How Will You Kiss?


Lilt me your lips,

our lost breath intermingling.


William Blake image @ Wikipedia


Synchronize our silence

as lazy hours ease by.

Waft cocoa, hazelnut, cinnamon,

scents around me.

Tremble with me

in paralyzing pauses.

I may no longer breathe

without breathing you.

MusicMouse MusicMouse
56-60, M
35 Responses Mar 16, 2010

my day get bored, until i saw your written ... then i smile. Maybe I just need someone in my life that makes me smile.

I know what you mean, very nicely worded friend!

Your words are truly blissful, MusicMouse...<br />
<br />
Warmest wishes. :)

Yes, I've been feeling that in our world and think that men are lacking romance and sensuality in their lives too, but may find it harder to confront. I miss sensuality and ...oh...sexual grace for lack of a better word. It doesn't mean 'sex' only means that we are sexual creatures, and its an important part of our human/emotional contentment. When I first posted this I was shocked by the great response, but it too shows a need or desire that must be lacking in our society. Thanks alteredego. *blushes*

As you can see, MM, we girls are very romance-deprived. A romantic, poetic man is going to be buried under a torrent of wistful sighs, lol!

Ah...thanks Michelle, yes...looking. I've just been running through myself with a lot of things lately. Trying to make a home for my loved ones and its been a long time coming, so thats #1 priority right now. Thanks dear friend!

Sure, I have a lot of writings and have a working full time imagination, so I will be writing more. Thank you CouldaShoulda! Thats inspiration for me. ;~))

Thank you all for reading my post and your extremely kind comments. It truly inspires me. CouldaShoulda, I didn't mention the Cabernet Franc...;~))

Still frantically looking through dusty old reads...sheeez, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I guess I'm a paper pack rat...of the mousy type. Hmmm...pearls may be a bit grandiose. Maybe more like unusually shaped drift wood? lol

Ah...forgiveness is bliss! ;~))

LOL...thanks for the laugh cutie...: D

Thank you dear heart! I take back the water balloon I just threw at you...LOL

It is indeed beautiful. :)

Glad you were touched Shortie...and I'm getting the feeling that many! I'm not only shocked, but getting back into poetry...ha ha! <br />
<br />
From Boise huh Doc? We're ex neighbors then I suppose. You mention dynomite...geez, I hope she didn't blow your lips off. I hate when that happens! lol

Hmmm...I'm not sure who the author of the saying is TheOnlyConstantIsChange, but its been around, and I like it. Yes...very true! Thank you all for your encouraging comments. It has me looking for my poems. They're in one of about 100 boxes...sheeez! <br />
<br />
I will also be posting some of my mothers great work. She was a poet and worldly famous literary who's writings literally changed many lives. ;~))<br />
<br />
Nyxlilly, thanks for your comment hon, and I still have hope that passion - compassion will win out. In fact, we're all counting on it or we're doomed.

Delicious and Alluring are attractive words to the reader Psyche Dem. I will remember them and try to incorporate. Thanks hon!!<br />
<br />
Gryf, yes...I think that we are starving for love in the world because it offers hope. The power of love is unconquerable, unstoppable which is why there is so much hate mongering going on right now by the profiteers, and love has always been a threat to those who wish to 'control'. Passion...could be the strongest force on earth, as nothing can stop it! It ''brings people together'' and ''we''- then have the power.

dearheart,,,our culture, our world, is starving for the tender, the romantic....thank you for keeping it alive ---There is good hope that we humans can go forward to a gentle future.

this reminds Me of someone, "famous" Who wrote along some something as Colorful, <br />
as Alluring... and Motivating ... X<br />
<br />
the hints of spice is a Delicious mix in your theme... :)



Hi justluna, yes..some of the best poetry that I've ever read had very few words but made you think about them. Word structures are really interesting and the key to great writing. I just got lucky...;~)) Thanks so much for your comment and your avatar fits perfectly in this post. ;~))

Sometimes reading <br />
Poetry takes my imagination <br />
To another level <br />
This one made think <br />
Of a tasty kiss lol <br />
I love it I think I got lost on it for a moment

Thank you CouldaShoulda and HeartofHearts for coming to see my post and leaving a kind comment. It inspires me to go back into writing poetry which I haven't done in several years. ;~))

graceful and lovely... thanks for posting!

Yes, I've been meaning to do that for months now. I'll have to get on that! Thanks for your comments Giggles....;~))<br />
<br />
Thank you for your generous comment womaninbliss. ;~))

Very nice MusicMouse - you capture the moment and the feeling very well. Thank you for sharing.

Aaw, we ladies love a romantic gentleman! Please bring out some of your poetry. I'd love to read it!! guys, thank you all for your kind responces...*double blushing* Maybe I should bring out some of my poetry. I seemed to have hit a romantic note...;~)) (((HUGS)))

Wow, deep, passionate, inspiring, and yet a little sad.

beautiful so,proud of you what a talented friend!

Just love it...sweet...&...very touching poem Sweethart!!~*((HUGS))*~

Wow...what a wonderful responce from all of you...thank you! *blushes*

This is a lovely poem, my friend.

Thanks touchOFspring, and I've also been missing a touch of spring, but I think that it's ''finally'' gotten here today. It was an absolutely beautiful day! We should get 3 maybe 4 before it hits the triple digets....;~))

I love this, how beautifully touching my friend. ((hugs)) Giggles