Oh, To Be A Victorian Sissy, Like Miss High Heels!

The ultimate "made-to-dress-like-a-girl-by-girls" book is Miss High Heels, a classic from Victorian or Edwardian times, re-published many times since.

Denis, a wealthy but effeminate youth, is transformed into Denise by his stepsister, the stepsister's maiden aunt, and a mansion-full of sturdy female servants to keep him/her in line.
A wonderful world of feminine clothing, discipline and punishment awaits our lovely cross-dressee!

I would give anything to have lived in those times, to be ******** of my male clothing and sentenced to the delicious captivity of silk and lace, of high heels and make-up, of feminine deportment and being shown off in public!

A corset would bind me tightly, remindng me of the power of women over me. Delicate lingerie would adorn my body, and sensual silken stockings my long shapely legs. High heels would arch my feet to an almost unbearable angle. I would love every minute of my enforced girlhood!

I would be paraded at balls, dances, race-meetings, where high society would ooh and ah at my ravishing beauty. My perfectly-made-up-face would always have a haughty pouting expression, that many a red-blooded male would love to try and remove, and replace with one of orgasmic ecstacy!

Strong virile men would waltz me round the dance floor, while my female guardians looked on approvingly. My maleness would be tightly bound and hidden within my girl's finery. Handsome young gallants would pay me court. Oh, how far would I let them go in their advances?

And when I misbehaved, my captors would have many inventive tortures and punishments for the delicious tormenting of a young lady!
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Beautifully rendered.

oh very nice

I wish that could be me... :D

What a great story wish it could me

Love the Victorian costumes and garb!!! Mmmmm a nice tight corset and flowing gowns would be heavenly!!! Would love to be added!

Fabulous sweetie

The Victorians and Edwardians were just better at writing this sort of thing. They wrote for a literate audience and understood the value of a well written build-up to making the 'good stuff'' even more arousing and exciting.