A Victorian Sissy (alternative)

I'd love to be dressed as a Victorian sissy, like Little Lord Fauntleroy in a suit of plum velvet, with much white lace, sheer white stockings and black patent high-heeled Mary-Janes. My blond tresses would cascade silkily to my shoulders. A wide-brimmed black hat would complete my costume.

My dominant aunt, my guardian since the death of my parents, and her equally depraved friends, have dressed me thus, to control me.

Then, I want rough village lads, or passing gypsies, or perhaps escaped convicts, to seize me one day, abducting me in my feminine clothes, while I shriek like a little girl. But there shall be no help and no mercy. I shall be groped, mauled, kissed, and finally have my velvet britches and silken pantalon removed, and my tight virgin bottom utterly destroyed by one rampant **** after another.

Nor shall my sweet, kissable mouth escape violation. I shall taste the hot man-juice of many.

They shall leave me huddled and weeping on a pile of my rumpled clothing. I am utterly ruined!

When my aunt finally gets me back to her mansion, she accuses me of being a flirt and a tease, and a filthy pervert. She canes and slaps my already-abused naked body, then banishes me to the kitchens in the plain black garb of a kitchen maid, there to toil for my bread, amid the mockery of servants.
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

A wonderful and yet too short story! I dream it happened to me.

I love those suits too and was often dressed in said suits as a lad for weddings parties Christmas etc. Would love to chat.

Hi poshkid, always to chat with those who share my interests. How lucky you were able to dress like that for real.