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My late wife would help dress me on a daily basis, or on weekends when the kids were gone for sleepovers. She would fasten my corset, run the stockings up my legs, slip my heels on my feet, and even put in my breast forms ! I really miss her,
I'm almost desperate to find a woman who would enjoy dressing together with her spouse to go shopping, or to the beauty parlor together.
To be able to shop while dressed is awesome, many stores are TG friendly in the use of dressing rooms. I need a woman who would enjoy having a spouse who they could help with their make-up, could go shopping for lingerie and clothes together, could go to the beauty parlor together, and every morning would reach into the same lingerie drawer to get dressed.
Women, how many of you wish you had a hubby who would enjoy going shopping with you, and even trying on outfits ?
Sex while crossdressed is the most incredible sensation, sheer stocking clad legs rubbing together in satin sheets, the most sensous feeling in he world. And you would never have to worry about your man straying if you keep him dressed. My late wife's little sister knew of my dressing and had a couple of my dresses and bustiers she would borrow from time to time, my wearing them after she had been made it even hotter !
A woman who is really secure in her femininity would be awesome, she wouldn't feel threatened or intimidated by my dressing !
Still hope to find that perfect woman for me again.
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Sorry for your loss. I have a loving girlfriend that let's me be who I am and its so great. I don't know what I would do if I lost her. It took so long finding her. I wish you luck in finding another soul mate. Hugs Kendra

Thank you, that\'s very thoughtful .

I truly wish to extend my condolences for your loss and to say for the time you had her you also were very lucky. I'm jealous you had that in your life as I have never been bucly enough to find a girl at any time.

Hope you know how fortunate you are, Kendra! Hang onto her for all you\'re worth! Wonderfully supportive women are hard to find as has been noted here on EP many times.

Way to go Kendra you not only very lucky to have a supportive girlfriend but to have love like that well you so very lucky.

Way to go Kendra you not only very lucky to have a supportive girlfriend but to have love like that well you so very lucky.

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I would love to find a woman who would be comfortable with my cross-dressing; or even another bisexual, passable cross-dresser. Though I would be scared of becoming competitive darling. I imagine I would have to live out my feminine role forever; just to win. x

Have not had the thrill you speak of, but would not decline an opportunity if mine would ever let me.

I so wish you the best in your search and journey. You obviously had someone very special in your late wife.

So sorry to hear of your loss. Hope that special woman comes your way.

So very sorry to read of your loss. That has to be such a double tragedy in your life to lose your accepting, participating and sharing soul mate wife! I feel so sad for you. You were blessed to experience an accepting wife that most of us can only ever fantasize about as we have wives who want no part of understanding nor sharing our overwhelming uncontrollable feminine needs and desires. I certainly hope you will find the woman you are craving. I fear the reality is that they are very few and extremely rare but hopefully you'll be blessed a second time.

I know she is out there for you I am sorry to hear bout your wife I am sure she is watching over you and is trying to help you find someone as special as her. I know she is looking for you too thing is to find each other. You were lucky to have had that love in your life something I have not ever known but I know with all my heat I will one day.

Thank you, your response is touching.

Keep your chin up and keep smiling she might just like your smile and take the initiative to approach you and make you happy.