i am inspired (again) to do this properly after reading a blog from someone in my circle. i realized in that moment how grateful i should be for the things that i have in my life that compared to most would be considered a luxury. i am in a very bad space in my life at the moment - emotionally, physically, and financially, but i also know that this is a very healthy and safe space compared to where others are or have been. i have always believed in gratitude. it turns the smallest things into treasures, but i have been slack in writing them down or thinking them out loud. i hope to do that through this group every day. i don't know yet how it matters if you have one thing to be grateful for each day or 100. i am of the opinion that one is enough. i had been reading 'the secret' in january and was encouraged, through it, to write 100 things to be grateful for each day. that just felt forced and annoying. gratitude should be a spontaneous habit (oxymoron) i am grateful that i have the foresight to see my life as blessed in the midst of the storm i am in....(i may write in here every minute and not just every day)
TheRealMimi TheRealMimi
31-35, F
Mar 13, 2010