Sad Life

I have been living what others have called the good life back then...expensive cars, bighouse, boats everything a guy could ask for. Until one day everything i touched turns to thrash. Everything i worked hard for were only one year i totally destroyed i wanna try to change things im very desperate. Cant eat cant sleep. Im even willing to make a deal with the devil just to get this over with. Can someone here please help me..
Mackiboy Mackiboy
36-40, M
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

You will bounce back . You just have to believe in your self again. Things are turning around so now you can pick up the pieces and get your life back. But the first thing is what did you learn. Their is a reason karma hit you so hard. So once you learn what that was then you will be back on the fast track.

Hey maybe karma was just saying you don't need to be in that life . That maybe that life was heading down a very bad life. And now it's giving you the chance to reset it on a better life. With better people in your life. Just a thought

Please read the book of Job in the bible. It will probably help you to realize that your life isn't so tough. Job, just like you had it all(back in those days having it all meant having A LOT OF LIVESTOCK) and Job, just like you had it all taken away.

Please please don't get discouraged. Things WILL get better just trust God and they will.
God has your best interest at hand.

Please don't turn towards the devil he might seem nice at first but that's how he sucks you in. (kind of like a weight loss pill that promises to help you loose weight but it never really helps)

I myself have a New Living Translation bible they are much easier to understand.

Even better is the one my daughter has it's the NLRV(readable bible) It's the same as mine just much more readable and much easier to understand.

Read the book of Job it will most likely help you.
Hope that this helps.