Money Isn't Everything, But It Helps Alot!

When we were growing up, we really didn't have to worry about money because my dad had a decent job. He made enough so my mom didn't have to work. When he left, things started going down hill from there. Mom had to go back to school...after being out for 25 years, and get a degree, while working 2 part time jobs. It was really hard on her. My brother and I both started working between the ages of 15 and 16 and haven't been without a job since. We've worked all our lives so far, and we are only in our early 20's right now. I am ready to go back to college so I can get my degree and make decent money. I started college my senior year of high school, but didn't really have the chance to continue going because of money problems. I don't talk to my dad anymore and mom still doesn't make enough to help with my bills. But, hopefully I will start back at college in august. I want to go in petrochemical process technology. Anyway, that's all that I gotta say...
cassandrakikendall cassandrakikendall
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 13, 2007

Good luck! Just be careful to got get lulled into credit card debt, thats a pit thats almost impossible to get out of.