Wrote My Dsa Person Locally

So I don't quite know how to start here, which is why I feel this space is important, and it is why I wanted I wanted to start it. And I very much hope others will want, need and contribute to this space. I hope it is a friendly space, for study, education, debate, and discussion of all aspects and types of Socialism, Socialism derived movements and movements connected with Socialism.

Positive, negative, or committed--let's here it all here, and in a civil respectful way.

Okay, that rant out of the way, a little story:

If you read my story "Organic Socialism" you know my activism has also followed with the Asking--Are you a Socialist?

I cannot be sure but I don't believe anyone can be free if their economy would ask them to trample those just below their own position. That democracy cannot be found in the Lobbies of D.C. or the elitism of wealth and Wall St. Additionally, there are inherently human values that trump the values which money, property, or standing might give them and should be created for any person living.

That it should be egalitarian, without totalitarian rule, and given to individual creativity and the right to dissent.

I'm finding a lot of this ideal in reading Democratic Socialism articles, Introductions to Socialism, and Democracy's Prisoner...and I've written my DSA Person and gained an invite to the next few events. I shall go and learn from others. Until then I shall keep learning and reading. If it turns out I'm a Socialist, I shall embrace it...
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what I think needs to happen is for a new political-economic system to be designed that is basically marxist but with certain elements of capitalism included. as designed by marx and others, the economy shared by the citizens cannot work. first, because we see how megalomaniacs have distorted it. second, because most western citizens are so used to ownership and to personal possession of material goods and money, that they would never abandon these notions completely in favor of a completely shared portion of material goods.