Missing Parts

I've been reading a lot. I generally do. Because I founded this and in fact I do want to Make A Deeper Study Of Socialism, I have been reading a fair amount from Socialism, Communist, Marxist, and even Anarchist perspective. A lot of history, theory, media, art, and naturally the luminary figures of various strands.

This includes books, movies and songs. I'm in the middle of four great books: one about World History with heavy socialist-marxist influence, one on Japanese/feminists socialist and anarchist radicals, one on Diego Rivera, and one which is a very short history of American Socialism, its hidden American history and the distortion of it by others.

Additionally, I have recently watched two films on Fidel Castro, 2 or 3 on Che (about whom there's a book I'm starting soon), and I'm looking for good work--written, film, or art on: Debs, Thomas, Sewer Socialism, Eco-socialism, Edward Carpenter, LGBTQI Socialism, The IWW, The St. Louis Statement and more.

What I've noticed are the Missing Parts depending on agenda and Side. Take Che for instance, people either love his beauty, humanity and seeming citizen of the world quality and commitment to world revolution; or the highlight his "fall" from doctor to gunman, show his executioner side and say he believed in violence for violence sake.

Both view, angel or devil are incomplete, out of context, remove him from humanity and perhaps worst fix him as either saint, beast, or most ironic of all: marketable Icon! And the real human, with real hopes and message is lost. Where a person is ready to live and die for their ideals and principles this is the true tragedy.

In begining to look at Che, (not just the one photo) in having read "The S Word" about American Socialist history, I see newly and am disturbed by the pieces most everyone has let missing willfully.

Do others see this in regard to Socialism, or its distorters? What were your best corrective sources to illuminate missing parts?

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I haven't made the extensive study that you have. but from my limited study off and on over decades of how marxism has been applied by various people, I probably have the same sense that you do. sadly, the marx-engels doctrines were hugely distorted by many in history who claimed to be implementing them. and a lot of these people who claimed to be FOR the people were just plain dictators who wanted to wield power. I'd like to see how marxism would look if implemented by someone sane who truly believed in giving the masses a larger chunk of the national pie.