Amazing Myself!

It's an ugly world out there. Especially for the low income children who barely see their parents, guardians or caretakers because they're off working two...sometimes three jobs to provide a good home with the basic essentials. It's the same story for the abused, the neglected, hungry and children who have no parents, lost to drugs, crime, disease, death or institutions (jail or mental wards.)

I know this to be true from my own experiences.

Children of today are angry, distrustful, bullies, explosive, act out for attention and some are down right dangerous, Each story my sister told as a school bus driver broke my heart and it urged me to do something  but what could I do to make a difference? Share what I love, what I am passionate about, what makes me want to wake up in the morning, share my being! For me it was the arts for you it may be different and that is great! Diversity!

The adventure began on Jan 2006 with my first podcast called "Diggers StoryPodcast Show". In a matter of weeks  Digger and co-host Pootz grabbed the heartstrings of people from around the world as we climbed the charts . . . to the #1 position on Replay-video directory; top 5 on Wordcast, top 10 on Podcast Pickle. In the summer time of 2006 Diggers Story podcast won 2nd place in the largest podcast contest in world history and lwent on to be nominated for the coveted Podcast Peer Award placing 2nd from over 50 thousand podcasts. In 2007 Diggers Story place #1 in the Cast Wars (largest podcast contest in the world).

How can this be I've never had a radio show or acted, I've grown up painfully shy, without confidence. All I had to offer was a burning desire to do something. I know how it feels being hurt and alone, without hope or escape. I want to empower and promote peace and justice in my world that a few of my teachers taught me. I had nothing to address this overwhelming problem. Nothing but my love for the arts and for the children of this world who live as I did many far worse off. When I was a child I was waiting for someone...anyone to help me. Children automatically trust us as adults to make their world safe. It is up to each of us to be there for children. If we are not we are like boats going out to sea with our treasures!

Today in this great age of technology our leaders are turning to violence and wars to solve problems as we watch in shock and disbelief. Has our technology gone beyond our humanity? It doesn't have to when we stand up and make our voice heard to make a positive difference in our world. We can do this through the internet on a global level!

Each and everyone of us can AmAzE ourselves... the question is what will push us over the edge to believe we can amaze ourselves. Check our website out or join our many internet spaces. Each time you join you support us if you want to do more you can donate at or visit our official store to help support our upgrade to video vodcasting. You could join children and adults from around the world by sending your audio mp3s or email explaining what peace means to you and what you are doing to promote peace in your world. Listen to those who have already! We each come from our own perspective and see reality differently if we can understand this truth alone it can bring understanding and a greater peace worldwide. Yes war and injustice is one huge problem but we can make the difference to create a better world for the future children. If not us then who?
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Tell me what diggersstory offers,give a good piece of one of the stories, the lay out he goals or share one posative outcome. You say that you have managed to become popular and that the stuff you give kids is helpful.<br />
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You direct me to other places to look into your product. These are a good start. You can also use a few descriptives and explanations to help induce me and others to log onto those sites you offer. <br />
<br />
Goodluck, <br />
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OK I am so thankful so many people have viewed what I wrote. THANK YOU won't you please consider taking the time to comment and rate. Boy I know that is a big pain in the butt but it sure would help me to know I am not alone in here. THANKS AGAIN! Wooootz you're the best!