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Jim and Edie, look like models in a AARP publication. She’s delicate and blond, with wisps of hair framing her clear blue eyes. He’s squared jawed and taciturn.They’re not models, but they are model citizens, doing a necessary job in an unlikely place.
About 20 miles north of Baltimore, wedged between the mansions and bucolic horse farms in Butler Maryland is a one hundred acre haven called Garden Harvest. Up close, Garden Harvest is anything but elitist. The ramshackle farmhouse could use a coat of paint and a little straightening up.

Appearances belie the hardnosed businesslike approach Jim and Edie bring to their enterprise ( No wonder they have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau).

Every year Garden Harvest attracts a cadre of volunteers to grow and harvest close to half a ton of produce. They also raise sheep and goats for those inclined to adopt them and eggs, of course.

If you’re a fan of Michael Pollen, it’s worth taking a look at Garden Harvest just to see how they’ve assimilated sustainability best practices in everything they do.

No John Deere’s mowing the lawn here. Just Nester the sheep mowing the lawn and Rodney the Goat keeping the forest foliage from overtaking the fields. No pesticides either, just a flock of guinea fowl pecking away compulsively at the soil in search of deer ticks.

For all it’s alternate farming methods, Garden Harvest has mainstream appeal. Every year corporations flock to help with the planting and harvesting of crops. Every year they donate free fruit and vegetables to shelters and the needy who lack access to basic food.

And here’s where you can help.. Garden Harvest has a lot to give and lots of people in need. They can’t get their harvest out quick enough and as you know, produce has a short shelf life. GardenHarvest needs your vote.

To be sure, every non-profit featured needs your help and there’s no one needier than another.
There’s just a little comfort in knowing that Garden Harvest runs like the truck it needs.
It’ll go for another 20 years at least. And show no sign of stopping any time soon.

To vote, visit Saturday July 9 and vote for Garden Harvest.

Check out their website at:

Thank You.

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Thanks for all of you who voted. We didn't win. But at least, it's nice losing to another worthwhile Garden Harvest has 3,700 friends. That only after being on facebook for two years.

In britain they are trying to encourage farmers to go back to natural methods of farming as the effects of modern farming, such as the use of pesticides and heavy machinery can be devastating to the local ecology. <br />
<br />
The large blue butterfly has been brought back from the brink of extinction. The grassland is managed by cattle and ponies grazing to keep it short, the ideal length for them to flourish. <br />
<br />
The barn owl has drastically reduced as they rely on humans to some extent to control their food supplies. By ripping out hedgerows (and replacing them with lower maintenance fencing) in which small rodents etc thrived it meant less available food sources. And when poison is used to control the mice and the rat populations they don't think about the effect this has as it travels up the food chain and subsequently kills their larger predators. Older farm buildings often had "owl windows" which were designed to allow easy access so that owls could natural keep down the pest population.

I Voted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also added it to my facebook so maybe some other folks will vote too! :-)

I'm going there right now Penguin!!!!!!!! :-)

Great and inspiring! Thanks for sharing this.

Elf bows to penguinswon............ it is you who has done this.............. short notice but I bet you will think of this much earlier next time...................... smiles

I spoke with a social media consultant who recommended this approach: people don't like to be constantly reminded. If I do it on the day, chances are they will vote. That way I won't be pestering anyone.

Blessings to you Mary

Sweet I will be there with my bells on and a rain dance to be sure they have enough water...Love and Light Mary

PLEASE mass send to your circles greeting cards with a plea for anyone who has Facebook to please go to the site and vote tomorrow.................. not much time...............VOTE TOMORROW !!!<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
<br />
Love, Light and Blessings,<br />
<br />

oh dude, I am weeping with joy and appreciation. seriously... thank you!

Thanks Penguin!

thank you!

unfortunately you do need a facebook account. they do this to avoid people from gaming the system..<br />
don't sign up if you don't want to.... maybe you have a friend who's a member who can vote..<br />
thanks anyway

Do I have to be amember of facebook to vote? If not, I will gladly go vote for this. Fresh produce is verly lacking in poor areas of this country. I see it in my own backyard.

Sounds like a wonderful thing!

thanks Imabear... I'll add the website to the story...

Check out their website at:<br />
<br />
Looks like a great place - and there are several other ways to help! We need more places like this!