A Botox Party

I was at a Starbucks last week and there were three woman there having a business meeting. One was the owner and the others managers of a salon. The conversation was of who'd they may let go, how to increase skills and fees, what kind of waxes, hair extension training/equipment and finally the planning of a Botox party. 

My own excesses over a half a lifetime leave me no room to be critical or in anyway judgmental (I did say I was at Starbucks). But the contradiction of having seen children starving to death last summer (hair turning red due to malnutrition) and the excesses we reach in our everyday lives is astounding. It's all around us - great absurdity. It's everywhere - and I'm as guilty as anyone else - I'm working hard to change myself. 

I know life isn't fair, but still - people can be fair. As individuals we can choose to be fair. 

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it's me quoting me - something i said while i was in africa, i think africa brings out all things profound.