Little Ol' Me.

I can't help but feel that my existence in this world is insigificant. I've always gone out of my way for people, even if it just brings a smile to their face for a moment. I work with the elderly. A lot of them spent their last days with me. If I could grant them one last wish, I would do it. There is only so much one person could do though. And my boss is so close-minded, she'd never go for it, or leave room in the budget for such a thing. I don't take enough risks in my life. Always playing it safe. A little voice is always telling me that I should make some kind of difference, even if it was just for one person. I just need to stop cruising through life..waiting for something to happen.
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Hi how are you, I know how you feel, and it seems that no one understands, but let me tell you The Lord understands and he sees you...your hard work and dedication will definitely pay off, I know it may seem like no change will come but hold on help is on the way, just don't quit because the most important person sees your spectacular work. It may seem as if you are cruising but you are not cruising alone, if it was not for you some of those individuals would have died all alone, but no they didn't because you were at their side, and to them I bet that was one of their happiest moments. Your boss may be closed minded, but talk to her and maybe you all could put the names in a hat and in another hat put what you guys are able to afford to do whether it's an ice cream cone or a game of monopoly, nails painted, extra tv time, take a pic and print it out, let them pick....many things can actually be free and fun....even things that employees or employers may not use or want from their own home and etc...just a thought to help, maybe your boss would consider if she could see that many things could be free...this is just another approach you all could have a karaoke day and etc. keep up the spectacular work....I will definitely continue to pray.

I can relate to this. I stayed in an unhappy marriage and in a dead-end job 10 yrs too long and now I have left it behind. It's scary but I know I will find my way, one day at a time. I too would like to be doing something significant to make a difference in people's lives somehow. I am a giver, I get joy from that. I just don't know quite where to start. Keep your mind and you heart open, don't fear change. Hoping good things for you in 2013. Get in touch if you'd like to chat further. Hope to hear from you.

Darling, don't you know that you ARE granting them a final wish each time you sit with one who is slipping away to the other side? You are giving them someone who cares, & who is soothing their passage with comfort & empathy. If that isn't making a difference in someone's life, & serving a vital purpose in their own, I don't know what else is. There is nothing more important than self-sacrifice for another in this lifetime. It isn't easy to grow close to someone only to have to sit by while they slip away. You are very brave, & very kind. Blessings will come your way for your gentle kindness. Hold a lot of hands. Its the kindest thing anyone can do.