Getting Homeless Back To Work

I have been involved with serving the homeless for about 4 years now and I did it at first, I think, just to feel better about myself.  And that happened.  I learned that the more you do for others and less you focus on yourself the more you see and understand what is really important.  In this process I kept running into some great homeless men and women who were trully tired of being homeless and who really wanted to get to work.   I asked them why they could not work and one of them, named Anthony, turned to me and said, I have no phone, no transporation, and I made a big mistake 7 years ago, would you hire me?  That was when it really dawned on me that this man had some legitimate excuses for the dificulty he has in finding work.  I could get passed the mistake of seven years ago, but he was right.  Would I or anyone really want to hire someone who I could not reach and who I didn't feel could even get to work consistantly.

I want to make a difference in this world by helping in any way I can to get homeless men and women, who want to get to work, have the opportunity to do so.  I started a not for profit called HOBO 5050.  One hundred percent of all the proceeds from the items we sell go to programs that only focus on getting homeless men and women back to work.  And it is starting to work.  We give quarterly donations to one program now and they are having great success in helping get these folks jobs.  They provide phone cards and bus transportation.  They help with applications and clothes for jobs and interviews.  They give guidance on resumes and they hold these folks accountable that they use these resources to get jobs.  They give them a 90 day period to go through all this and the applicant has to follow very strict guidelines.  HOBO 5050 just helps fund that right now but my hope and goal is to see this grow across the country. 

Please check out our website, I am blatantly pushing you as the reader to check us out, I am also asking that you would  consider going on line at to buy a shirt.  They are designed by artists who are homeless and as I said all proceeds go to these programs.  Please help me realize this dream.  HOBO5050 is also on Facebook and follow HOBO5050 on Twitter.  Thanks for listening.  HOBO..  By the way, HOBO for us stands for Helping Others Bring Opportunity..
HOBO5050 HOBO5050
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That is very nice of you Ms Ray, I needed that today. YOu have a great day as well.